You realize tremendous savings when you choose Office Direct. We are a dealership, which enables us to buy directly from over 300 different manufacturers (furniture and flooring) and pass our savings on to you; giving you quality products at affordable prices.

We work diligently to be able to give you this depth and variety of product selection. We welcome sales representatives into our library and take the time to meet with them to educate ourselves about their newest and latest offerings, how they should be specified, and their installation recommendations.

We typically have several sources for any given installation, giving you and us the ability to select the product that is best for the project. Almost all of our products meet LEED recommendations, have a high percentage of recyclable and/or biodegradable makeup, and are Greenguard Certified. Keeping the environment in mind as well as our client's budget, we are able to offer used and refurbished furniture.

Being that Office Direct is a dealership, there is no middleman involved; therefore we are willing and able to pass the values on to you!

Contact us today to discuss your product needs.